Professional Indemnity Insurance


At GAP Architectural & Engineering Design Services, we offer peace of mind for our Clients by way of a Memorandum of Agreement, and a first rate Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.


Memorandum Of Agreement

Firstly, to safeguard our Clients and ourselves, we offer a Memorandum of Agreement.

This contractual agreement describes in detail the level and conditions of our services.

This agreement will list in detail the requirements, specifications of the Client and the responsibility of this Company to the Client. It also provides a breakdown of the projects professional fee structure.


Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Secondly all our designs are covered by the Company's one million-pound Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy ensuring peace of mind for the Client. The insurance is arranged with the Manchester Underwriters and Lloyds of London. A copy of the policy certificate is available on request.