“Barn A” At Llancaiach Isaf, Nelson


Barn “A” is one of two stone barns at Llancaiach Isaf, both of which were constructed of over 200 years ago. Llancaiach Isaf was once part of the vast historic estates of Llancaiach Fawr and was the Squire’s residence for the Prichard Family. Parts of the house at Llancaiach Isaf pre dates the manor house at Llancaiach Fawr and are therefore over four hundred years old. An archaeological discovery was also made at the site with the finding of a skeleton buried in the farmyard close to the door to the barn.
Although the Client was advised to engage us the original application was made by another consultant however this was refused. Following the issue of the Refusal Certificate we contacted the Client and were engaged to redesign the project, which comprise of preparing a scheme to convert this redundant barn into a two storey dwelling.



With only a small amendment the Planning Consent was Granted in 2005. We successfully applied to have some of the conditions removed, in particular those relating to Highway Junction Visibility.

In 2010 we were engaged to re-apply for the Planning Consent; however the supporting ecological survey indicated that a single Brown Bat had taken up residence. This resulted in the need to survey the other barn and also to modify the proposals for the conversion in order to accommodate the bat. Once again Consent was Granted. However the project is a pure investment and construction is not intended to commence anytime soon.