Integral Garage Conversion
Bryn Siriol, Penpedairheol.


Originally built by Wimpey Homes this clay brick clad timber framed house had a single integral garage. The Client had already paved the front garden and therefore had sufficient off street parking to comply with the Parking Guidelines. It was therefore a reasonable simple task to obtain Planning Consent to convert the garage into a study and extension to the utility room.



Having been granted Planning Consent, the Building Regulations application was undertaken by the serving of a Building Notice on the Local Authority. We were given a limited brief to supervise the works and asked to recommend a suitable Contractor. As the house was a few years old it was not possible to obtain matching clay bricks. However, working closely with the Contractor, we were able to insure that he sourced a clay brick which by careful selection of the individual bricks achieved a very close match with the original brick. This contrasts greatly with other similar conversions on the same housing developments, where the new walls are constructed of a mismatched brick, making the conversion stand out.