Site Appraisals


When considering buying a parcel of land or a building to develop it is essential to do your homework.

At Gap Architectural & Engineering Design Services we endeavour to ensure that the project is financially viable from the outset. Therefore on larger projects we recommend that an initial site appraisal is undertaken prior to purchase of the site.

  • This can provide a valuable insight into the potential profitability of a development.
  • Identify areas of concern which may have a bearing upon the purchase value of the site.¹
  • Identify hidden additional costs which may need to be taken into account such as additional sub-consultants, service diversions, and site constraints.
  • Provide the documentation needed to support applications for development finance.¹
¹ The valuation figure produced will be approximate and shall in no way be taken as a substitute for a full RICS land and property valuation.


There are a whole raft of physical constraints which will affect the development costs, and hence the commercial viability of developing the site. It can therefore be easily seen that to have a professionally prepared appraisal report can save buying a "white elephant" site. It also provides the necessary documentation to present as part of the supporting documents when seeking to raise finance to develop the site. We can prepare these reports and can even assist with finding development finance by introducing the Client to a number of specialist finance consultants. The cost of the appraisal is subsequently discounted against the fees for preparing the Planning Application.


The physical Constraints which need to be considered.

  • What was the property previously used for?
  • What planning restrictions are there?
  • What Highway restrictions are there?
  • Are there any Public Rights of Way crossing the site or close to the site?
  • Are there any Tree Preservation Orders affecting the site?
  • Are there any trees on the site which may be considered important enough as to restrict the development even though they do not have a TPO?
  • Are there any water courses crossing over or under the site, or in close proximity to the site?
  • Is there any risk of flooding?
  • Is there any contamination of the ground?
  • Is there any shallow mine workings or other ground stability issues?
  • If the property is a building is an asbestos survey available?
  • If the property is a building is it structurally sound and suitable for conversion to the proposed use?
  • Are there any Public Sewers serving the site and do they have capacity to serve the proposed Development? If not what alternative means of drainage is there available?
  • Are there any mains services crossing the site which will need to be diverted?
  • Are there any mains services in the area which have capacity to serve the site?
  • Is there the possibility of the presence of protected species of flora or fauna?
  • Community Infrastructure Levy Calculations.
  • Social Housing Contributions.


What additional Professional Services may be required?

  • Topographical Survey.
  • Ecology Report.
  • Arboricultural Report.
  • Ecological Impact Assessment.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Flood Consequences Assessment.
  • Structural Engineer's Report.
  • Noise Impact Assessment.
  • Highways Impact Study.
  • Retail Impact Study.
  • Transportation, traffic & travel plans.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.