“The Stables” Llancaiach House Llancaiach, Nelson


“THE STABLES” is a Stone building which was constructed of over 200 years ago which was the domestic stables for Llancaiach House. Llancaiach House was once part of the vast historic estates of Llancaiach Fawr and was the squire’s residence for the Prichard Family. During the 1990’s an arson attack saw the building partially destroyed. Having been re-roofed the stables was then used primarily for the storage of hay and bedding for another stable building on the estate.



The project was to convert this stables block into a single residential bungalow. Planning consent was applied for in 2002 and was approved in 2003. This was varied to increase the size of the windows on the south facing elevation. In 2004 during the construction works a further Planning Application was made and approved to extend the bungalow to include a further two bedrooms.

The following pictures show some of the stages of development of the conversion and extension with the new walls of the bungalow being constructed using natural stone in keeping with the existing walls.